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Asatti Tantra

In Your Body. In Your Business.
The Power of Radical Feminine Expression



Welcome home to yourself, Welcome to being In your Body.

Welcome to the Tantra of Cyclical Wisdom and of

Radical Feminine Empowerment.


Welcome to

Asatti Tantra

Welcome home to yourself, Welcome to the Tantra of Cyclical Wisdom and of Radical Feminine Empowerment.

 Asatti Tantra was a divine dream to help women, those who identify as women, those who dwell in a female body and those who want to express as feminine to trust themselves and make their own choices with confidence, clarity, and empowerment. To help women see and honor their own beauty, creativity, sovereignty, power, sensuality and to absolutely love themselves and others. To learn to dwell deeply in the wisdom of being in the body. To understand that the power we have is in connecting to and in our body, this allows us to connect deeper to everything around us. Our body is the power to change our life and create a beautiful world for every one.

Now when I am talking feminine expression, I am not talking old world construct of damsel, princess or any patriarchally concepts. I want to help the divine in all of us walk in the everyday world and smash all that holds us back, patriarchy, colonialism, rampant destruction, mistrust of what is woman, of our bodies, you name it; its time for it all to go to dust and ash and for the feminine expression to radically arise.  I am talking about embracing what makes us Radical, all of it, the dark the light, the caramel, every color you can give yourself, embrace, bring forth and create with and in the body. The radical empowerment and expression of fully rounded, cyclical living, sky dancing, world moving feminine, and the recognition that that expression is your expression.

Asatti is about expressing the tantra of women. Tantra means loom, with the loom of our life we weave everything, leaving nothing out to create our radical expression and empowerment. Asatti means connection, connection to yourself, your body, the world and everything divine and darkly divine. We deny nothing in Tantra, ( a very feminine energy concept), we understand everything is connection with Asatti.  Whether that is to feel more connected, embrace more, back of more and rest more, to respect the needs you and your body have in the world and to stand in the center of your cyclical wisdom as a woman.

To connect to what makes you Radical is Radical feminine expression.

This becomes a process of unfolding not forcing, not striving, just you blooming with your personal growth experience and confidence. So, lets get Radical together!


Be Radical - Be Cyclical  Get In Your Body 

 Let it Flow

Book your Free 20 min. Session

Come and express what you need and desire to have unfold. Let me help guide you into a conversation with your body. This is your space to become. Its 20 min. for you. Woman often leave the sessions uplifted, enlightened and with a place to start their new journey.


Asatti Tantra Offerings

This is just where we can begin to Express the Radical Feminine in you. This is where we Get In the Body.

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Plus Size Model
Lingerie Models

Understanding the Basics of Your Cycle

Radical Seasons of Menstruation

This is a place to learn more about our Radical Seasons of Menstruation, how it effects our life, our body and the world. Learn a new perspective of just how important it is to honour the blood of your body. This is sacred, divine work that the feminine was given to do.

Cyclical Tantra

Welcome home to yourself

Lets Weave together all that makes us feminine and powerful. This is where we play with our mind, body, spirit and sensuality to embrace and understand what makes you tick and what wants to bloom in your life. These are 6 one on one sessions devoted to you. This is where you Welcome Yourself Home.

Radical Feminine

Expanding & Creating with your Cycle & Tantra

Let’s Really Go for it. Let’s Dive so deep you are forever changed in how you move in the world. This is a 6-month adventure to unlock, be supported, play, dismantle and expand into your
Radical Feminine Expression.