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Intuitive Reading

One Time Pleasure

Opening Your Paradigm

Want a quick hit of support and guidance?

Want a deeper read of what is going on in your life?

A taste of what it would look like if you took a deeper journey to your soul work?

Want to connect to what is really going on in your life?

Then let’s do a Reading!

Saoirse Wang has been professionally reading for over 20 years. Her unique gift of being able to see and unwind what is happening in your energy field and story have helped hundreds to find clarity and movement in their life. Her work with Tantra has deepened her ability to channel and directly contact and communicate what is necessary for you to move to a deeper meaning in life. She works very similar to the Oracles of Delphi, powerful women who were trained to read soul threads and offer guidance and comfort to people in need. Be prepared for honesty, love, support and a possibility of great change. Come with an open mind and heart and a few questions for us to find the threads that needs to be read for you.

For a short time, I will be offering my reading’s for $125 A session. 

The usual cost of a session is $175



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