Pleasure for the Bodies

The Pleasure of Connection


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Say Hello Tantra

A Tantra Sampler for Female and Male bodies

This is a 4-session program to start the conversation of connection. It’s the sampler of Tantra and an exploration of the medicine that is Tantra Yoga.

If you are looking to dip your toe into something a little different.

What you will get to experience is:

-          Deeper understanding of what Tantra can do for you

-          Introduction to the 5 elements and how they purify and prepare us for deeper healing

-          The pleasure principles

-          How to integrate and welcome back bliss into your life

-          The love of movement and how that helps us to deepen our connections

-          How to speak tantra into our life and to each other

-          What are the 11+ orgasms we can experience

-          How to integrate and realize connection

-          The healing power of sexual connection

-          How to slowly release the trauma and shame of being you

-          A deeper understanding of your own personal power and wisdom

Your Investment in Yourself Will be $700

There is no nudity in these sessions, all sexual practices will be demonstrated on a model. Relax we are opening to connection and a more joy full and complete way to live our life. This is fun. You will be given Home play to deepen your practice and deepen your own inner wisdom. How much work you put into will correlate with how much benefit you get out of each session and practice.


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