Be Radical - Be Cyclical

Get In Your Body

 Let it Flow

This is your space; this is your time, this is your Body!

Its time to listen to the Universe in Your Body, its time to come home and learn your true cyclical nature and embrace the womb. Learning to work with your menstrual cycle and the womb is your wisdom, your power, your radical feminine. Learning to connect your womb and your heart give you the power do design the life you want to live. To truly understand your blueprint and your purpose in life.
Our blood is the force that teaches us to be present with the world, it is what moves us.
Tantra welcomes all parts of self. Even the ones you do not like or know exist, it is the space of creation and welcoming. All experiences are for our growth and wholeness, we leave nothing out.
So lets be Radical, Cyclical, Sensual, and let the Body Flow!

Understanding the Basics of

Your Cycle

Image by Ava Sol

The Radical Seasons of the Menstruation

This is a place to learn more about our Radical Seasons of Menstruation, how it effects our life, our body and the world. Learn a new perspective of just how important it is to honour the blood of your body. This is sacred, divine work that the feminine was given to do.

Cyclical Tantra

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Welcome Home to Yourself

Lets Weave together all that makes us feminine and powerful. This is where we play with our mind, body, spirit and sensuality to embrace and understand what makes you tick and what wants to bloom in your life. These are 6 one on one sessions devoted to you. This is where you Welcome Yourself Home.

Radical Feminine

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Expanding and Creating with your Cycle

Let’s Really Go for it. Let’s Dive so deep you are forever changed in how you move in the world. This is a 6-month adventure to unlock, be supported, play, dismantle and expand into your
Radical Feminine Expression.